Our Mission

Yes, They Can!

The ideal society that we have been aiming at is the one which allows even challenged people to get independent both mentally and financially.

You might think it is kind of hard for them.
It actually is BUT we are definitely sure that THEY CAN unless they and we give up.
In fact we have seen lots of people who got independent for this 16-year.

We will keep working hard to support as many people as possible just like we have done so far with our strong policy.

Social Problems

The WALL Dividing Challenged People And Normal Individuals

Please guess how much percent of the Japanese population do challenged people make up?

The answer is approximately 6 percent.
It means no less than 6 persons among 100 are with some type of disability.
More than you expected?

We believe that there is a huge wall between challenged people and normal individuals, which has brought a serious problem in our society.
It costs approximately 100 million yen of the tax if a challenged person uses a welfare facility for entire life. Excluding serious disabilities or family matters, lots of challenged people are able to work if normal individuals are ready to accept them and it turns them using tax to paying tax through the work.

But the problem does not belong only to normal individuals but also to challenged people, which is emotional dependence from the fact that they are challenged people.
This is nothing but disadvantageous and unfair for them as well.
We believe that we have to solve these complex problems from both sides of people to achieve our mission.

How We Approach To The Problems

3 Plus 1 Actions

We have supported challenged people through a trial-and-error process to approach the problems.

Carrying on the places to work

We have set places where challenged people can work with enough support as pastry shop Pandora, seafood bar GUTS!, hand-made soap shop COCOTI.
We focus on bringing up patience, pride in themselves as well through the work and experiences.

Career coaching

We have provided directions from manners as a member of society to technical trainings.

Support for the employment

We have improved the living environment, found the best job, followed up even after landing a job constantly.
Mostly employers are happy with them and tell us “much more hard-working than expected!”.

Besides these 3 points, we will focus on transmission of information from our wish to give assistance for those who are in the same camp and finally for development of welfare in this country.

Basic Information About Our Business

● Welfare Service for Challenged People Approved by Aichi Prefectural Capital(2313300150)
   ・ Pasrty Pandora(Okashi Koubou Pandora)
   ・ seafood bar GUTS!(Osakana Bar GUTS!)
   ・ S&J Pandora(Career School)

● Hand-Made Soap Shop COCOTI

Message from Our Representative

It has been no less than 16 years since we established Pandora.
We are very proud of our success in 10th-anniversary event since establishing NPO as a show, in which all of our challenged staff acted.

Lots of stories with looking back these past 16 years do make our days.
We never forget gratitude to all assistance from our supporters.

These 16 years have made it clear that people can do anything they want if they get really into no matter if they are handicapped or not.
We will keep leading challenged people and normal individuals to the middle of 2 types, and finally break the WALL.

NPO Pandora
Representative Fumiko Okabe